Till Isenhuth

Passionate about startups, game design, education, shareconomy and web technologies. Communicative and adventurous; creative, inquiring, analytical mind.

Working & project experience in mobility, health, fintech, games, e-commerce, business development, software engineering, project management, teaching, research, web design, entrepreneurship.

Current project

Right now I am working on a decentral, federated, FOSS couchsurfing software for communities, funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.The prototype development will last until around February 2024, I am open for new project ideas afterwards, as well as sponsorships for further development!

Support my work (Tables will Turn, Indie School Trip, Hackers Beauty Palace) via PayPal:

Also I started building a Zouk dance community in Magdeburg. If you want to learn Zouk, come say "Hi!" on Mondays, 5pm at Uni-Sporthalle II :-)

Past projects